We transport and logistics own, to efficiently meet the requirements of the agro-industrial area and market requirements.

Proveagro Ltd. is a company in 2012, was certified under HACCP standard. These form a security system that is based foods prevention. Provides a systematic method for analyzing food processes, defines and establishes the potential hazards and critical control points to prevent food from entering the client unsafe. The standard is based on the HACCP Codex Alimentarius developed by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization (WHO)

As central benefit HACCP standard gives a method that provides tools to ensure food security through good hygiene and manufacturing practices, which eventually allowed to deliver a high quality product.
It is important to add that the HACCP standards are compatible with a Quality Management System that meets, for example, with ISO 9001. Referring an efficient system that ensures that all on the ground clearly know who is responsible for what, creating this a Quality Management System Total Food.